FAQs about picture Framing

Where can I buy cheap frames online?

This is the most commonly asked question, well there are many framing companies who offer cheap custom framing in australia. Ikeas, Amazon, onlinepictureframing, Ebay, OffTheWall Framing are some examples of framing companies. Ikeas and amazon offer cheap but are not durable, their frames are made up plywood and they use small skinny plastic instead of glass.so, those frames are not capable to hold heavy poster or images.unlikely, onlinepictureframing and OffTheWall Framing offers custom made 100% original wooden frame, are strong and they also used 2mm glass. So, there is no compromise in quality. The wooden frame will last a lifetime without any problem.

Where can I get custom sized frames?

FrameShopOnline are always there for our australian customer to offer custom size wooden stylist frames no matter what size you want, we offer size start Minimum 9cm x 9cm – maximum 295cm x 295cm.

Why is custom picture framing so expensive?

Okay, let me give the detailed information why the custom made picture framing is so costly. If you talk about the small framing shop, the actual frame doesn’t cost much but there are many hidden costs behind. The costs like delivery, labour, electricity, materials cost,and framing is time consuming and labour intensive, because of these  factors the end price of the custom made picture framing is so expensive.Other thing is that small shops don’t produce in large quality, they are made on customer demand.

Does Onlinepictureframing do custom framing?

Yes, onlinepictureframing do custom framing.Our services are custom framing, acrylics mounting, custom mirror, custom artwork or artwork print, canvas & photos printing,Memorabilia framing,Photo editing service, Photo restoration, and we also provide delivery service within Sydney, and for other state we deliver by Australian Post.

How do you make a cheap custom frame?/How can I frame a picture cheaply?

Yes, You can minimize the cost of a custom frame, firstly, you have to understand what are the factors or causes that increase the price. When you choose the stylist frame that adds additional cost, secondly, when you choose the matt board, it also adds extra cost. Another reason is that when you choose glass other than normal glass then your cost will be expensive. So, in order to make the custom frame affordation is by choosing the plain color or  non-stylist frame no matter what color, don’t choose matt if not necessary, lastly, just choose normal glass forget about the Art Glass, non-reflective glass or prospex.Also, another tips is that incase you think you need matt board then choose the normal matt which doesn’t have special texture. Because special texture matt cost almost double of normal colour matt.

How do I order a custom frame?

Now, ordering custom frames is more convenient with a frameShopOnline, visit the custom picture frame page. Just enter the sizes you want, select the matts, backing foam/mdf, glass and then you can process the order. During this process we don’t change our customer, onces we receive the order we calculate the price for you and we shortly send you the invoice and link to make payment.

How do you double frame a picture for framing?

Framing double frames is another way to make your precious artwork or photos more attractive, beautiful.Okay, we get to the question, when we do the double frame, first we cut the frame the customer wants, the second frame inside will be the outer size of the first frame. When we assemble the frame, the first frame will sit on the second me rebate which keeps both frames attached and strong.

How can I frame a picture without a frame?

There are some other techniques to frame a picture without a frame.

  1. Use of Acrylics mounting
  2. Canvas Stretching
  3. Use only Adhesive Foam With D-ring at the back
Is height a width?

Let me make you more clear, what is the height and width of the frame. I will try to explain with a diagram so that we have a better understanding about the frame.

height and width frame
What is double matting?

Double matt is  done by layering one mat on top of another so that the bottom mat acts as a decorative border around your framed artwork. Normally, the gap between top and bottom is 0.5mm.There is no fixed gap, you can customize and put whatever size you want. See the image just to have a idea.


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